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Gypsy Reeds at North City Bistro!

North City Bistro

Come join us! Saul Cline on Clarinet; Ernesto Pediangco on Percussion; Oleg Ruvinov on Tuba; John Sanders on Accordion! We're dusting off the original Gypsy Reeds charts and adding a few. It's been over a year since this group has played, and who knows when it may happen again! Don't miss it! Be sure to make reservations! All ages. $10 cover.


Paul Miranda Trio with Jacqueline Tabor

13 Coins Seattle, 125 Boren Ave N, Seattle, WA

I get the pleasure of playing with Paul Miranda's trio while backing up the fabulous Jacqueline Tabor.  Come in for after hours eats and drinks.  We play until 1:30!

no cover


Sue Nixon & John Sanders vocal/accordion duo

North City Bistro, 1520 NE 177th St, Shoreline, WA

Come out and hear everything from the Beatles to Joni Mitchell to Doris Day to Dean Martin to....  all stylized beautifully by Sue Nixon with yours truly accompanying on accordion.  It's our first show at North City Bistro.  Let's make it an event!

no cover